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iEXCHANGE® Features

Improve communication and collaboration.

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Join a free, live webinar to learn how to complete the precertification process online.

Quick Reference Guides:

PDF icon iEXCHANGE® Overview & Login


PDF icon Inpatient Tip Sheet

PDF icon Outpatient Tip Sheet

As a network provider with Independence Administrators, you can streamline the precertification process and effectively communicate online by using iEXCHANGE®, a HIPAA-compliant online solution offered by MEDecision, Inc.

AmeriHealth Administrators, a leading independent national third party administrator, provides medical management services for Independence Administrators.

With iEXCHANGE you can:

  • request inpatient and outpatient certification and extensions;
  • receive treatment updates;
  • perform searches for members, providers, and treatments.

iEXCHANGE® benefits:

  • reduced time and expense associated with paper, telephone, and fax processes;
  • real-time responses for initial requests and extensions;
  • treatment updates when a request has been modified or status changed;
  • convenient access hours (6am-11pm EST);
  • no cost to providers.

What are the requirements for iEXCHANGE portal registration?

This info is in the quick reference guides so may not need to be on this page but following format from NaviNet Features page.

  • PC with internet connectivity;
  • Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher, Netscape version 6.01 or higher, or Firefox 2.0;
  • 128-bit encryption with JavaScript enabled.

Interested in getting iEXCHANGE for your office?

Contact our iEXCHANGE Help Desk at 1-888-444-4617 or register now.