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About Us

Harnessing the Power of Technology

We recognize the need to embrace new technologies so that we can help our clients meet the challenges of a rapidly changing health care environment. This means adopting more nimble, advanced technologies to help our clients create sophisticated solutions that offer better connectivity and leverage the power of data.

A Technology Platform that is as Dynamic as the Market it Serves

The Independence Administrators platform combines the power of the HealthEdge® adjudication engine with a proprietary service layer that enables the exchange of data between disparate systems across the health care ecosystem. This makes the Independence Administrators' platform as dynamic as the health care market it serves.

HealthEdge is a registered trademark of HealthEdge Software, Inc.

  • Scalability & flexibility: Designed to serve clients across the health care sector by helping them respond quickly to changes in the marketplace.
  • Dynamic plan design: Creates the framework for fast prototyping, evolutionary development, constant improvement, and rapid response to regulatory reforms.
  • Easy data exchange: Assimilates information from multiple sources or platforms (internal and external) to create smart, efficient workflows.
  • Centralized data warehouse: Allows for single-source information across the enterprise.
  • Superior client experience: Online capabilities are leveraged to help solve our customers’ challenges.

Electronic Data Interchange Services

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the most efficient method to report new enrollment information and eligibility updates. It assures more timely access to up-to-date eligibility information, available through our secure employer website.

Online Access


Independence Administrators’ secure employer website is a plan sponsor’s hub. It’s where you can view and manage content specific to your health plan, such as reports, benefits, eligibility, and claim information. Find network providers and more.

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