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Stop-Loss Services

Independence Administrators provides comprehensive inhouse administrative services to support your stop-loss coverage, including:

  • resident stop-loss manager who negotiates on your behalf to obtain competitive stop-loss quotations and oversees arrangements with MGUs and carriers
  • stop-loss coverage for medical, prescription, dental, and vision benefits
  • stop-loss specialty unit that coordinates the workflow process across claims operations, medical management, PPO network management, funding administration, and with the MGU and carrier
  • identification of potential large claim or case management situations
  • events and claims notification for clients and carriers
  • specific and aggregate claim reporting
  • specific advance arrangements
  • stop-loss premium billing and remittance
  • collection of recoverable amounts
  • evaluation of stop-loss options at renewal

Our underlying proprietary technology allows a high degree of control over flexibility, scalability, and responsiveness to meet each client’s unique needs and to leverage capabilities across our customer base. Third party solutions are thoroughly evaluated and selected to ensure operational efficiencies, controls, and integration with our technology infrastructure.