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ConnectionsSM Health Management Programs

Exceptional Disease Management and Decision Support

Connections Health Management Programs are designed to help members become more informed health care consumers, proactively identify health risks, and ultimately provide greater cost management and improve the health status of plan members. Members with chronic conditions such as diabetes, lung or breathing problems, or heart conditions can learn how to improve their health and overall quality of life. In addition, this program supports members who have everyday health concerns as well as members who are facing significant medical decisions.

The program is designed to:
  • empower and engage members;
  • identify and manage risks;
  • support treatment compliance and improve health status;
  • promote greater awareness;
  • optimize utilization of health care resources.

Disease management targets the most costly chronic diseases that account for the majority of claims.

Decision support helps members understand their medical conditions, work effectively with their doctors to make informed choices, and take an active role in managing their health care. Health coaching is a vital component as it enhances compliance and provides the knowledge and encouragement to help members participate in the decision-making and treatment process as well as address the concerns of members and their families

A Wealth of Resources

We offer:

  • member-outreach through educational materials and health reminders;
  • unlimited, 24/7 access to personal Health Coaches for support on chronic conditions and other health concerns;
  • health tools — including a health survey and quizzes — to help members learn important health information and make informed decisions, keep a symptoms diary, and track their medications;
  • health resources on health topics, medical tests, support groups, treatment options, prevention tips, and healthy living.

The Dialog Center provides a secure, online environment where plan members can access the wide variety of available health information and decision support tools.

The Connections program is voluntary. We can help employers design benefit program features that encourage member participation. Comprehensive reports demonstrate utilization and outcome results, as well as include normative data. Moreover, our medical director consults with each client to assess results and evaluate options for enhancing the benefits program.