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Online Services

Quick, convenient access to health plan information and resources

At Independence Administrators , we offer our clients and their plan members secure, role-based access to benefits information as part of our standard administrative services. Content is customized for your members and your benefit programs.

Personalized self-service for plan members includes:

  • Eligibility information
  • Benefit plan and precertification program summaries
  • Network hospital and doctor search tool
  • Claims information and Explanation of Benefit statements
  • FSA and HRA transaction, history, and account balance information  
  • Forms and other documents

In addition, your plan members can take advantage of a wide selection of decision-making support resources that can help them make better-informed decisions about health care plans and treatment. These resources include:

  • online medical encyclopedia and interactive health information tools
  • guides to help plan members identify better quality health care providers
  • tools showing what expenses qualify for medical FSA reimbursement and to help estimate potential federal tax savings with an FSA
  • tools to help plan members choose health care treatment options and plans for costs; compare their health plan options; and estimate services they may need and their possible out-of-pocket costs
  • access to discounts on dietary supplements and wellness products, as well as a network of complementary and alternative health care providers such as acupuncturists and chiropractors

Authorized benefit professionals in your organization can access:

  • Reports
  • Benefits information
  • Eligibility and claims status
  • Optional online enrollment and eligibility maintenance tools
  • Network provider search