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Health Resources and Tools

Independence Administrators provides a wealth of resources to help your members maintain healthier lifestyles.

Online Encyclopedia

The online encyclopedia provides plan members with convenient access to information on many health topics including symptoms, health conditions, medical tests, and treatments.


Independence Administrators offers a web-based discount program that provides plan members access to health and wellness products and services while saving money. Blue365 offers incentives for plan members to establish healthy behaviors for both mind and body. Blue365 also offers health resources and wellness information. There is no fee to access the Blue365 program. However, an annual fee may be required to access certain discounts.

CorCell® Cord Blood Storage

Umbilical cord blood is a unique and potent source of life-giving stem cells, similar to those found in human bone marrow. If properly collected, processed, and preserved, cord blood stem cells can be used to treat a variety of life-threatening diseases that could occur later in life. Through a preferred arrangement with CorCell, Independence Administrators offers customers discounted fees on cord blood storage.

Additional Plan Member Resources

  • Health Care Expenses Table shows members what expenses qualify for reimbursement from a medical reimbursement FSA.
  • Tax Savings Calculator helps members estimate their potential federal tax savings with a medical reimbursement or dependent care FSA.
  • Treatment Cost Estimator helps members choose health care treatment options and plan for costs.
  • Health Plan Selector helps members compare their health plan options with individualized health profiles to estimate the services they may need and out-of-pocket costs.